There’s nothing worse than a Guardianista in a dog collar

On Christmas Day I felt like converting to Roman Catholicism.

The pope expressed hope for peace in the Holy Land and expressed his concern for the small Christian community in Syria. The Arch bishop of Westminster Offered Prayers For Bethlehem specifically for the 50 Christian families who are likely to have their houses demolished by Israel who plan to build more illegal settlements with American support

Meanwhile the Arch Druid of Canterbury hasn’t taken David Cameron’s advice to speak up for Christianity. Instead the Arch Druid who was selected by the prime minister who took this country into an illegal war and lead a government who deregulated banks and gave city fat cats knighthoods. compared the rioters to city fat cats.

To actually compare people who purposely destroyed other people’s livelihoods in the riots with city speculator’s doing something which is legal and not necessarily detrimental to anyone is ludicrous. It demonstrates the barmy left wing views which lead Tony Blair to select him.

As everyone knows, Arch Druid Williams isn’t the only Guardianista in the Church of England. The good thing that came out of Occupy London was the resignation of Canon Giles, who I have been heard referred to as a social worker in a dog collar.

There’s nothing worse than a Guardianista in a dog collar

But we have to remember that the Church of England also has Reverend Stephen Sizer who was at the Gaza demo outside the Israeli embassy today.

It also has people like the marvellous Michael James Nazir-Ali and Garth Hewitt within it.

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6 Responses to There’s nothing worse than a Guardianista in a dog collar

  1. Interesting article Kevin. Not sure the bankers are not having a detrimental effect on people considering their actions in 2008 led to millions losing their savings and millions more losing their jobs worldwide. You make some good points though especially regarding the spineless Guardinistas at St Paul’s.

    My other nomination for someone worth watching in the Church of England is John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

  2. I would never want to stop someone crossing the Tiber, but if you do cross the Tiber (or in one case re-cross) please remember that we may not have as many Guardianistas in dog collars, but our dog collars wearers tend to be people of a very tribal Labour bent.

    However if you remember James Mawdesley (he’d have been an almost exact contemporary of Gavin’s in CF) I got some surprising news today:

    So there is some hope for the future among us Romans.

    • Stephen says:

      The same James Mawdesley that I invited to Ipswich a few years ago to talk about his experiences in Burma. Perhaps I shall try again soon.

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