David Ellesmere Supports Upholders of Police State Created by New Labour

In today’s Morning Evening Star is a story about how David Ellesmere has been supporting the upholders of the police state created by New Labour.

The borough leader who is a member of the party that made this country have more CCTV Camera’s per square mile than anywhere else in Europe and more speed camera’s than anywhere else in the world, had people patrolling the streets to fine anyone who dropped a cigarette on the pavement and also planned to bring in ID Cards went to visit Ipswich borough Council’s CCTV control centre at Grafton House. They are there 24 hours a day seven days a week all year round and Captain Mainwaring wanted to say thank you to the staff on duty for spending Christmas spying on the rest of us.

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12 Responses to David Ellesmere Supports Upholders of Police State Created by New Labour

  1. Think about it says:

    ID cards have nothing to do with being a “police state” – most countries in the world have them and we are one of a small minority that does not. My other half is from a European country that has them and they have only ever been asked for them when buying alcohol, entering nightclubs and opening bank accounts. Plus the card also doubles as their passport when travelling to the UK. Hardly a fascist regime, is it?

    • Only a handful of countries have free democratic elections. ID cards are hardly libertarian either are they?

      • Think about it says:

        Actually, a majority of countries are deemed to have democratic elections nowadays (60% were defined as “electoral democracies” by Freedom House in 2009).

        They may not be libertarian, but they are very useful.

      • Stephen says:

        Quite. ID cards are “a solution looking for a problem”. Their history in the UK is illustrative of this, particularly the 1951 court case of a man arrested for not carrying one and acquitted because they are only of use in wartime, when many other civil liberties are suspended.

        Beware of anyone who speaks for ID cards and the Database State in peacetime – he sees 1984 as his utopia.

  2. Ellesmere looks every inch the Politburo General Secretary. The photo even looks like it was taken in an1980s East Germany Stasi office…

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  4. Excuse me for saying this but whoever thumbs down comments like “Yes Stephen” are incredibly sad.

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