Honours to Local Bloggers this Year

The list of honours to local bloggers this year are as follows.

Alasdair Ross was honoured by being voted one of the Top 50 Labour blogs Congratulations Alasdair.

James Spencer over at Bridge Ward News got a Stalking Fascist Congratulations James.

I’ve had quite a year I had This glorious Attack by Alasdair Ross, a tribute blog and then Ipswich Spy did this attack on Stupid things Ipswich Labour have Tweeted this Week then removed the link to this blog from their site and now has attacked this blog here.

Out of the three people who have given me honours this year, I respect Alasdair Ross. The other two honour givers are too gutless to let us know who they are.

As for the 8 people who asked Ipswich Spy “Who is Ipswich Spy? One of them is trying his hardest to have his anonymity uncovered. They claim that two of the four are Conservative supporters but as they detest this blog we know that it’s cobblers. Why do such egotists want to remain anonymous you may ask. What have they got to hide?

Also Ipswich Spy has copied James and I in his latest attack on this blog by saying what people have been looking for visiting their site. They boast that a mere 3 people visited Ipswich Spy searching for a Riverside View. Sorry Paul and co, but nobody at all came here looking for you or your over pretentious blog. Also I must say that most people could find something better to do on Boxing Day other than slag off other blogs.

The fact that the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph as well as the Morning Evening Star and many people who live in Gipping and Westgate Wards regularly read this blog isn’t something I feel I need to boast about. A complete stranger coming up to me in town and saying “What are you going to put in Stupid things Alasdair Ross has said this Week? Last week was really good.” was a bit freaky though.

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