The Gravel Tracks of Gipping Ward

A resident of Gipping Ward has asked me to do something about this

I tried to explain to the resident that a puddle due to the council not cambering the road properly when they resurfaced it is a case of a road being in very good condition by the standards of Gipping Ward. The fact that they were very slapdash when resurfacing Dillwyn Street West to leave puddles at the end and left a bump in the road where they finished resurfacing Allenby Road because they couldn’t be bothered to have the hassle of repainting the stop line at the traffic lights is nothing to be concerned about in the forgotten ward of Gipping.

We have grass verges with bigger puddles than that after all.

And as for pot holes,

Now obviously as all these deteriating roads are in Gipping Ward and are not main through routes, they are of no concern to Ipswich Borough Council. All those roads can end up like Ancaster Road as far as they are concerned. Gipping Ward needs a local resident representing it to stand up for the peoples interests.

Now there is one road in Gipping which is a through route that borders the ward of my fellow Tory Blogger James Spencer.

Unfortunately the photo is being kind to the road and not showing what a mess it really is. It was reported here in August now I’ve reported it here.

I guess part of the problem is that one side of the road is in the forgotten ward of Gipping. The state of Belstead Road is appalling by Bridge Ward standards but by Gipping ward standards its in good condition. But as I said, this is a main road and as it’s a main road, you’d think they would do something about it.

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10 Responses to The Gravel Tracks of Gipping Ward

  1. Roads in Bridge Ward are going down fast, particularly around Maidenhall Estate and Old Stoke.

    • That’s because a lot of traditional Labour voters are in Maaidenhall, so our Labour Council isn’t bothered about it. What Labour supporting Ipswich Spy couldn’t understand about the Proposed Polling District and Polling Place Review amendment wasn’t that it was proposed at the full council meeting but that Conservatives were speaking for their core vote instead of just taking them for granted as Labour does.

      • Ipswich Spy says:

        And what Riversude View doesn’t understand is that because the Tories didn’t bother to go to the meeting they failed to represent their core voters at all. If they had, then they may have actually gotten what they wanted, instead of pontificating from the sidelines. It is incompetent opposition which let’s down its own voters.

      • What ‘Labour Supporting’ Ipswich Spy doesn’t understand is that to be a good local political blogger it’s actually better to be active in local politics instead of pontificating from the sidelines by obtaining stuff via Email and then pontifically claiming to be at meetings you were not at. It’s also a good idea to stick to British English instead of using archaic Americanisms like ‘gotten’ too.

  2. Stephen says:

    The holes are so big that a camel might fall into one.

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