Ipswich Labour Councilor Claims Allergy to his Ipswich Labour Comrades

In today’s Morning Evening Star the author of the dRoss Blog claims that if he was David Cameron he would resign and that if he was prime minister he would stop cuts to armed forces. I wonder if he would apologise for making cuts necessary if he was Gordon Brown.

He claims that he plans to get residents to attend new area committees. Why he wants people to attend something which is designed to waste money and give the appearance of democracy is beyond me. I guess we know what big lie Ipswich Labour have for next May now.

Alasdair also says that his favourite colour is red for politics and blue for football. I think this is because Alasdair’s favourite colour is blue and if he came over to the Conservatives he wouldn’t have to associate with all those Norwich fans in Ipswich Labour.

The dRoss Blog author also claims to be allergic to Canaries. I found this revelation somewhat perplexing and asked Alasdair on Twitter

“@AlasdairRoss Allergic to Canaries? Does @John4NorwichNth bring you out in a rash?”

I also wonder if Ed Balls has the same effect on Alasdair as his advice to Gordon Brown had on the nation’s economy.

If Alasdair came out of the closet and came over to the Conservative party where he really belongs then he wouldn’t have to be around those canaries he’s allergic to.

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