First South West Area Committee Meeting

The first Committee Meeting for South West Oblast (Stoke Park Raion, Sprites Raion, Bridge Raion and Gipping Raion) shall be taking place on 12th of January at 5:30 pm at Grafton House as far away from the electorate as possible. We believe that the Politburo General Secretary himself may be in attendance.

The very name Area Commitee Meeting puts you off going doesn’t it? Well, it’s supposed to. So with that in mind, make sure you attend.

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3 Responses to First South West Area Committee Meeting

  1. Ipswich Spy says:

    Isn’t Grafton House technically in Gipping?


    • The formal setting off Grafton house is designed to stop people feeling at home. If they held it in Castle Hill Community Centre it would be too obvious to South West Oblast residents. The Grafton House location supports the allusion of democracy.

    • Grafton House is technically in Gipping geographically but Russell Road is treated as a seperate entity. They actually have the road swept in Russell Road whereas if it was truely in Gipping it would look more like this

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