SW Area Committee (Moving Democracy Further from the People)

The first South West Oblast Committee went according to the Politburo’s plan. It was the massive damp squib they planned it to be. Probably the first of many massive damp squibs. Council officials needn’t have worried about the small public gallery at Grafton House. There were only two local residents there and I was one of them . A third member of the public was Labour candidate for Stoke Park, Glen Chisholm who tried to sit on the councillors table when he entered the room. The meeting was a real paint dry watching experience.

Resident of Saint Johns Ward, Peter Gardiner was elected chair by the Politburo after Paul West had proposed Nadia Cenci. Obviously the Labour Councillors present believed that a resident of Saint Johns Ward the other side of town would be more suitable than someone who actually lives in South West Ipswich. There was no public consultation involved in the chair selection process.

There was talk of Traffic orders, Grass Cutting and road maintenance. The Grass Cutting bit got Politburo holder for biodiversity Dame Bryony Rudkin talking about how they are now going to cut the grass in Clapgate Lane in Holywells Ward. She obviously couldn’t think of anything in the whole of South West Ipswich. I wanted to ask if the grass verges in Gipping could be repaired with plastic mesh. I also wanted to ask if the concrete roads could be repaired properly instead of the problem being hidden and allowed to get worse while being unseen. But such issues were not what the meeting was actually about. It wasn’t even about south West Ipswich. It was about giving the appearance of democracy while taking power away from the people and wasting money doing it.

Area Committees shall achieve everything Captain Mainwaring wants them to achieve. I.e. Nothing.

Some of Ipswich Labour who were there may have been in a bit of a hurry to leave for the joint meeting with Suffolk Fabians at the library at 7:30pm.

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16 Responses to SW Area Committee (Moving Democracy Further from the People)

  1. Glen says:

    The first meeting was just to set out the framework for future meetings.there where plenty of ideas on how to engage the public.the plan to rotate the meetings to various places in the communities and to have councillors go out and meet the public and take the meeting to them.I’m sure future meetings will be better publicised and better attended

    • There were plenty of ideas of how to invite the public along to be anesthetised. If councillors are not going out and meeting the public now then they shouldn’t be councillors.

      • Glen says:

        You are not looking at the bigger pitcure.this could be a chance to engage with people who would not have attended the old style meetings.this first meeting was about how to move forward and if everyone does their part and is committed this could work and has the potential to do a lot of good.

      • Stephen says:

        The fora were held in the communities anyway and this week’s examples don’t give much confidence that that will be resumed. Area Committees held at Grafton House, ward budgets removed – no wonder they used the ORWELL Room.

      • Whenever someone says look at the big picture, it’s an admission that the small picture is a failure.

    • The big picture I’m looking at has the public in it while the big picture Ipswich labour are looking at hasn’t.

      • Glen says:

        There was plenty of discussion as to how they will try to get people to attend and how to reach out to people.

    • There was plenty of discussion as to how they will try to get people to attend and how to reach out to people? You were at the same meeting weren’t you Glen? The plan seems to be to deliver a few leaflets and hope for the best.

      • Glen says:

        I’m starting to wonder how much of the meeting you missed.they discussed electronic methods of reaching people.using the council website e-mailing previous attendees from the old meetings.doing walk about and street meets as only a selection of the community turned up to the old style meetings so to try and reach people who previously hadn’t attended.also those 2 members of the public who arrived on time were asked if we had any issues or items we wanted to discuss so you could of raised any of the points you mentioned in your article then..but as you missed that section I’m sure there will be future opportunities.

      • They were advertised on the borough website. three or four times more people showed up at the last SW Area forum than showed up at all the Area Committees together.

  2. A good but truly damning report Kevin. Labour hang your heads in shame.

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  4. Stephen says:

    “They were advertised on the borough website. three or four times more people showed up at the last SW Area forum than showed up at all the Area Committees together.”

    A particularly damning fact.

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