UKIP’s Extreme Nutters

EDL News has an exposé on UKIP candidate, EDL Supporter and fascist friutloop Kim Gandy. You can read it here.

Gandy is possibly the angriest far right extremist we have seen since trolling through their Facebook pages. An ex-BNP supporter, Gandy is now a UKIP spokesperson for Vange, Basildon and is not creating the fluffy sort of image I am sure they would want.

Gandy has previously taken her child out of school stating that there were too many traveller children there.

Gandy was previously kicked out of the English Democrat Party for being too extreme but UKIP don’t seem to be in a hurry to kick her out.

Obviously Gandy is an extreme extremist but UKIP has a lot of extreme nutters in its ranks. The reason a lot of people are in UKIP is because they haven’t the guts to show their true colours by joining the BNP.

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6 Responses to UKIP’s Extreme Nutters

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  2. What tosh Kevin. UKIP is free market, while the BNP is socialist. UKIP is socially libertarian, while I think that we can all agree that the BNP aren’t/ UKIP are staunchly Atlanticist while the BNP are (mostly) not.

    UKIP’s stance on immigration is more restrictive than the Tories, but let’s not play into the left’s trap of anti-immigration being anti-immigrant. – that’s the Ipswich Spy and Andrew Coates school of lazy thinking.

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