Well said Judy Terry

Judy Terry‘s latest piece in the Ipswich Flyer is absolutely brilliant. It truly hits quite a few the nails on the head. The article is so good that it has caused a reaction within the local left wing blogesphere with this infantile article on the Coate’s blog and this attacking article on the dRoss Blog.

It’s an excellent read. Well said Judy Terry!

Old Labour Already Back To Spend, Spend. Spend In Ipswich

I’m very much a glass three-quarters full type of person, and strongly believe that solutions can always be found to the most difficult problems. However, the key is having a very thorough understanding of the problems in question, and good relationships
with colleagues and the wider community. It also requires creative thinking and leadership.

I never believe in doing something for purely political reasons; I want to achieve the best outcomes for the long term and work tenaciously to ensure that if I make a commitment, I actually do something positive to deliver.
For these reasons, I am increasingly surprised and shocked at the cynical hypocrisy of Labour’s new administration in Ipswich. This is Old Labour in action.

‘Save our libraries’
Last May’s campaign was purely focused on County issues, because they couldn’t criticise the Conservatives in Ipswich, with a particular emphasis on ‘save our libraries’. Yet, apart from the vitriolic rhetoric and highly personal attacks, they did nothing other than to offer £95,000 against a £2m budget ‘should they be elected’. Of course, they were elected to run Ipswich Borough Council, but did nothing constructive to engage in the process of ‘saving libraries’ either before or since!
Instead, it is the Conservatives who have created an Industrial and Provident Society into which all libraries will be transferred, to be run’by the people, for the people, whilst also making significant savings.

In contrast, however, Labour have dismantled the Area Forums and park Management Boards in Ipswich to create a large, uncosted, bureaucracy
of Area Committees, which will not allow the same public engagement.
At the same time, Cllr. Ellesmere, the Council
leader, writes in his regular Star article about the
importance of creating new jobs, but since May
he continues to make staff redundant whilst
spending many thousands of pounds on’agency
staff! In just six months. *

25 years of neglect

Meanwhile, Cllr. Bryony Rudkin has taken on the Culture portfolio. However, when she was Leader of SCC, she refused to give Ipswich any funding whatsoever to help with reviving The Regent and Museums, following 25 years of neglect under the previous Labour administration. So what is her commitment to this portfolio?
Although Labour profess to support equality for all, two of their councillors teach at one of the top private schools in the county. One of them even threatened me with the Standards Board when I suggested, through a public forum, that he was in an excellent position to work with the public sector schools to share best practice, and perhaps assist talented youngsters to receive specialist coaching in music, sport or science at the private school! He didn’t want anyone to know where he worked.
Labour also promised financial probity, yet they are already committed to borrowing another £100 million, and their very first act was to commission ‘an independent panel’ to review councillor allowances. Hardly a priority when most people are struggling to make ends meet, and it is local residents who will have to pay for any increases.

This is, no doubt, one reason why the Labour leadership won’t commit to not increasing council tax, despite Government’s financial incentives. Remember that it’s not long ago that they increased council tax by 18%, so watch out! Despite the economic climate, ‘spend, spend, spend regardless of the consequences’ is embedded in Labour’s DNA.

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4 Responses to Well said Judy Terry

  1. Glen says:

    The “industrial and provident society” which will be set up to run Suffolk libraries has been tried in other parts of the country.the scheme has been a failure with the them unable to pay its bills and library opening hours being cut and staff being laid off.is this what you want for Suffolk.strangely on a national level when in opposition in 09 Ed Vaizey said “while it is local authorities responsibility to provide libraries. the law clearly lays the responsibility for ensuring a good service at the culture sec’s door” now he is the government minster responsible for libraries.on this governments watch we have seen 432 libraries close and a further 600 at risk..that’s only since March 2011.we need to keep libraries open , even the governments own figures show 40 % of adults regularly use them and amongst children it rises to 80 %..we need all our libraries to remain open not just one in town centre to ensure the service can be used by the people who need them most young families,schoolchildren,the old,disabled .the unemployed and the poor.so forgive me if I find it strange a Tory lecturing about saving libraries when they have done so much damage.

    • Excuse me but I find it strange a socialist lecturing on cuts after his party made the cuts necessarry in the first place, as if his party offering £97,000 for a £2.1 million service was going to save libraries. The Tories saved Suffolk libraries from closure, Labour were to busy scaring the electorate for their own political gain to do anything.

  2. Stephen says:

    It isn’t just dRoss who teaches at a public school then?

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