RSV Agrees with Alasdair Ross

On Ipswich Spy here Ken Bates said

So far we’ve seen an increase in rents to all tenants of IBC. What’s next, a council tax increase, blaming the actions of our coalition Government?

To which the author of the dRoss Blog said

KenYou voted for rise for council tenants – slightly confused by your stance on here


If you do not agree with it- why did you vote for it?

Also on Ipswich Spy here

I asked Ken Bates

Ken, if you agree with Ipswich Conservatives that this is so awful, why did all you Lib Dems vote for it?

And Alasdair Ross asked Andy Cann

But all thse comments then Ken Bates and the Lib Dems voted with us for the rent rise? where does your party stand on this?

So as you can see I agree with Alasdair Ross that ranting against something and then voting for it doesn’t make much sense.

There again, phrases like  “The cuts are wrong and we’re not going to reverse them.” Don’t make sense either. But I would expect an Ipswich Lib Dem to tell us the reason for ranting against rent rises and then voting for them and I expect Alasdair would like a coherent explanation too.

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