Camel Visits School

I don’t know why but I find this blog post amusing.

The writer of the post has been working in the United Arab Emirates as a Partnership Teacher for the past three years. He has an excerpt of an article titled “Ofsted Inspector riding a camel in the school car park? Just an ordinary day in the Middle East…”

The Ofsted inspector was riding a camel up and down the school car park. The lesson observation schedule was abandoned for camel riding. I’ve got a really great photograph of the inspector struggling to control the camel, as his Arthur Scarghill-like hair flapped by the side of his head. I was dying inside but secretly enjoying the ridiculous spectacle of it all. Can you imagine a student in the UK bringing a donkey to school and the Headteacher instructing the Ofsted inspector to ride it up and down the car park?

Oh you didn’t think this post was about something else did you?
Can you imagine someone giving the Ofsted Inspector a piggy back?

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