Pseudo Science and the Left.

Some time ago here, I mentioned this story about the left’s past belief in the pseudo-science of Eugenics. Eugenics lead to much suffering due to forced sterilisation programmes and was particularly hard on the working class.

Today the left has taken up another pseudo-science. It is the pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming.

Because of the pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming, they want to waste money on wind turbines and bring in a carbon tax to increase the number of people in fuel poverty. But it’s worse than that.

Because of this pseudo science they’ve switched the street lights off at midnight to cut carbon emissions. They will tell you that it’s about saving money but here is the truth This is because of Tony Blair committing to Britain having a higher carbon reduction target than everybody else and it’s all because of a non existent phenomenon. Street lights going out has increased crime in Ipswich. Vehicle crime has increased in areas where the lights have been switched off and they have been switched off because of something that isn’t happening.

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3 Responses to Pseudo Science and the Left.

  1. A Ross says:

    Street lights switched off by TORY Suffolk County Council

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