David Ellsemere: Ipswich Conservatives Greatest Asset

In today’s Morning Ipswich Star, Captain Mainwaring is saying that Britain’s millionaires like Ed Milliband, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman and the rest of the shadow cabinet don’t need handouts. The Ipswich politburo general secretary doesn’t understand the fact that the government hasn’t given them any money because the money they are not going to pay in tax was their money in the first place. The shadow cabinet seems very upset by the budget. Maybe it’s the extra stamp duty on their multi million quid properties they don’t like.

The fact that some of those on the lowest incomes are being taken out of tax altogether is never mentioned

David Ellesmere’s latest Star column demonstrates why he is one of the greatest assets to the Conservative party in Ipswich. It’s basically politics of envy and a call to nationalise everything. With such neo-communist views, why he failed to say anything when Blair was privatising Ipswich hospital is a mystery

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3 Responses to David Ellsemere: Ipswich Conservatives Greatest Asset

  1. Stephen says:

    Livingstone must be delighted at the Corporation Tax cuts for 2012-4.

  2. Very well put! Of all the things he should be concentrating on is that many of HIS voters on the whole will be lifted out of income tax all together. Although let’s not be complacent. Ipswich is a natural Labour town. Without a strong issue to grasp, like he did with Ipswich Hospital, ANY Labour PPC will have an in-built advantage over Ben Gummer (even if it is Donkey jacket wearing Ellesmere!).

  3. Stephen says:

    Only TWO Labour MPs voted against the 45% rate, which is coupled with anti-avoidance measures and will probably collect more money as well as incentivising high earners to create more wealth and employ more people.
    Just as Red Ed’s cancellation of his anti-NHS reform rally in Yorkshire (to attend a football match in Hull) showed, Labour like jumping on bandwagons but their heart isn’t really in it.

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