Bryony Rudkin Attacked by Dog

In today’s edition of local socialist publication, the Morning Ipswich Morning Star, Paul Geater reports that former county leader and treasure of Bridge, Bryony Rudkin was attacked by a dog while delivering junk mail on Sunday.

Apparently, the Dame was pushing some junk mail full of lies and exaggerations through a letter box in Stoke Park when the dog struck. Dame Bryony says that the house has now been added to a list of potential dangerous addresses held by Ipswich Labour agent and Carrot Road Season ticket holder, John Cook.

The Dame said that it is not a common occurrence but Captain Mainwaring, Chris Mole and Bill Knowles have all been attacked by dogs in the past.

Why is it Conservative activists are not attacked by dogs in Ipswich and only have problems with malignant bees?

The Morning Ipswich Star has a picture of the Dame’s fingers bandaged up. Let’s hope the dog’s alright.

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1 Response to Bryony Rudkin Attacked by Dog

  1. Stephen says:

    I mustn’t ask how many injections the dog needed.

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