Alasdair Ross’ last week’s as a Borough Councillor (II)

During these last weeks of Alasdair Ross being a borough councillor, rumour has it that Ipswich Labour are calling Rushmere as “in the bag” and are diverting their troops into Holywells and Stoke Park. This will suit their Rushmere councillor Tracey Grant no end as she doesn’t do any work in Rushmere Ward anyway.

This rumour seems to be confirmed by a recent article on the dRoss Blog here Where Councillor Ross reports on the visit of an insignificant Labour MP who would have been unheard of outside the Westminster village if it wasn’t for him failing to declare £30,000 in Union Cash. For some reason the author of the dRoss Blog forgot to mention the MP breaking parliamentary rules in his post.

The blog post also indicates that Ipswich Labour are claiming credit for the coalition government allowing them to build council houses again after Labour having 13 years to do so but failing to.

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2 Responses to Alasdair Ross’ last week’s as a Borough Councillor (II)

  1. Stephen says:

    Ah, you mean the Mad Hattie’s husband. I still don’t understand how HE topped an all-women shortlist, although losing that beard must have helped. It isn’t as if anyone else in his household would know the rules, is it?

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