The Latest Gipping Rose

The Gipping Ward Rose has all the stuff I reported on here.

In David Ellesmere’s election address, he says that he’s lived in Ipswich for twenty years and has been a councillor for Gipping for the last seventeen of them. If where you live etc matters, I was born in the borough. I was born in Gipping Ward in fact. I have also lived in the ward for the last eleven years.

He talks about street prostitution and doesn’t mention the fact that Labour did nothing about it when they had control of the council before and that it was a Conservative lead council at the borough who tackled it.

Cllr Ellesmere also talks about house building and Labour’s plan to build houses on the old garage site in Coltsfoot Road. The problem with their plan to build houses in Coltsfoot Road is they plan to build council houses on a council estate. This will enable future employers to prejudice against people based on where they live. Hence, council houses should be built throughout the borough rather than in areas with a high concentration of council houses in them already. Instead of building council houses in Coltsfoot Road they should build them in areas where there isn’t many of them like, Warwick Road. The problem is that because Labour’s ideology is so class based they have to defend the unfair class system.

Unlike Carole Jones in Westgate, David doesn’t seem to be dealing with fly tipping in Gipping. The reason is because any fly tipping in Gipping Ward is promptly dealt with by the local Conservative candidate.

Promoted by Peter Burgoyne on behalf of Kevin Algar both of Unit 4 Byford road, Sudbury, CO10 2YG. Hosted (printed) by

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3 Responses to The Latest Gipping Rose

  1. This is good;
    Promoted by Peter Burgoyne on behalf of Kevin Algar both of Unit 4 Byford road, Sudbury, CO10 2YG. Hosted (printed) by
    I would like to see something similar on Ipswich Spy and no more anonymous postings either. As for Cllr Ellesmere well I don’t think he should be writing for the Star during an election campaign at all anymore than anonymous tory posters should continue on Ipswich Spy when they are well aware who runs Ipswich Spy.

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