Response to Personal Attack on Twitter

Tweeting court Jester ShakeyStephens tweeted this to Cllr Nadia Cenci.

ShakeyStephens Shakey
The thing is @StokeParkCllr @KevinTAlgar is a moron and a Tory.Two things that fit together well


“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”
:-Margaret Thatcher

Labour’s Stoke Park candidate who liked living in Stoke Park so much he moved back to North Ipswich decided to defend shakey with this.

glenchisholm Glen Chisholm
@StokeParkCllr @ShakeyStephens in all honesty @kevintalgar is quite often involved in dishing out personal nasty attacks and name calling

Can someone tell me when I have called someone a moron?

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6 Responses to Response to Personal Attack on Twitter

  1. Glen Chisholm says:

    You have launched personal attacks on various labour councillors ranging from silly nicknames to insults about their also resort to name calling of anyone who disagrees with you even fellow bloggers like Ipswich spy.I myself feel light hearted banter is one thing and I have respect for anyone involved in local politics as it can be a thankless task but most are involved because they want to help and improve peoples even if someone has a differing view point I respect their seem to have no respect for anyone with a different view in fact the venom at which you attack them seems to border on I’ve said many times in the past its not really helpful.I myself have no problem with you and I like to think on the times we have meet I’ve been nothing but polite and respectful.

    • If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Calling someone a moron is rather beyond political banter. When have I called someone a moron?

      • Stephen says:

        “Moron” is a word with a particular educational meaning – a person with a mental age between eight and twelve. Sometimes, Kevin, you exaggerate;)

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  3. James Harding says:

    Hang on just one minute! When I call Alasdair Ross a moron it was un-acceptable however it is perfectly fine for you to call Kevin a moron. Does this mean there’s one rule for labour and one rule for everybody else

    • Kevin Algar says:

      It’s because Labour are a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites.

      ShakeyStephens is a total moron. Hence the barmy comrades of Ipswich Labour, like Glen Chisholm and Alasdair Ross like following the prat.

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