Guest Post by Comrade Coates

Barmy Bolshevik, Comrade Coates writes very good spoof guest posts like this one allegedly by Ben Gummer and this one allegedly by Judy Terry. Some of them are so good, I’ve decided to steal the idea from him. Naturally as Comrade Coates has so kindly allowed ‘guest posts’ by local prominant Tories I’m happy to allow a guest post by him here.

    Divestment and privatisation

“When the Liberal-Conservative Government began to cut spending Suffolk County Council considered transferring all but core functions to private companies, public-private ‘partnerships’ (private companies) and ‘social’ enterprises (private companies). This was known as the New Strategic Direction and the hiving off was called “divestment” .I hate George Galloway you know.

The nasty Tory insects have set up a few friends groups in libraries across the town but I hate Tories and George Galloway. The Tories are the class enemy and George Galloway is a fachist.

I think that A4E is awful and I hate George Galloway. Kitty won in Bradford so I hate Bradford because they voted for George Galloway.

Suffolk Libraries are in the process of changing over to a new structure. This form of ‘social enterprise’ is called an Industrial and Provident Society and I hate George Galloway. It means that, as a service-provider, it will have charitable status, and stand legally on the same terrain as some forms of co-operative and George Galloway is worse than a Tory though the Tories are the class enemy. I hate George Galloway.”

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