Ellsemere’s latests Star Column

In today’s Morning Ipswich Star, Captain Mainwaring is still on the Riverside Clinic bandwagon. As I said here.

In March I wrote a post called rebutting Labours Lies in Advance here, where I said that Ipswich Labour were very likely to talk about government cuts and the planned NHS Improvements to be responsible for the closure of the Riverside Minor Injuries Unit.


The Riverside Clinic in Landseer Road is set to close under the plans but a new centre will be opened at the Heath Road trust.

“Patients and staff will also have the backup of hospital support services should a condition become more serious. Opening the additional capacity just resulted in more attendances overall as the impact on A&E was small,” she added. But obviously Captain Mainwaring has spotted a chance for some more bogus political point scoring as was predicted on this blog

David Ellesmere also talks about how useful the minor injuries unit has been for local Labour activists after they’ve been attacked by dogs. He claims all politicians are attacked by dogs but statistics indicate that only Labour activists in Ipswich are stupid enough to put their fingers in letter boxes.

Captain Mainwaring then speaks against the governments NHS improvements.

The Ipswich Politburo General Secretary then says that it’s excellent news that Chantry is going to be rebuilt and then he moans about Michael Gove scrapping Schools for the Future and doesn’t mention how expensive the whole thing was. I have a feeling that children having aspiration scares him quite a bit. After all, people with aspiration tend to vote Tory don’t they?

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