The Peoples Pledge

Was the government’s proposals to snoop on Emails their idea or an idea from Brussels? Because of EUSSR regulations websites based within the EUSSR are required to obtain consent to place small files (cookies) on peoples PC’s. If you do not give consent you will be redirected to another site. The only reason I can think of why they would do this is so they have better ability to spy on us. Are they going to start bugging our homes too? The quicker we leave this undemocratic, ideologically obsessed, totalitarian dictatorship, the better. Therefore I would encourage all to sign the Peoples Pledge

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1 Response to The Peoples Pledge

  1. Mo says:

    You seem a bit confused on this? Up till now, websites have been able to place cookies on your computer freely, whenever and however they wish. The new EU legislation compels them to tell you what they’re doing, and to offer you the chance to refuse.
    I know you’re automatically disposed to reflexively hate anything that comes out of Europe, but this particular measure is a good thing for web users imo.

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