Ipswich Labour Junk Mail

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Bixley Ward and Holywells Ward. Copies of the junk mail delivered in each ward have been obtained by RSV.

The Bixley Rose starts with Ipswich Labour agent and Norwich City fan John Cook with Sandra Gage thanking the people who voted for them ensuring that Labour came second like they always do in Bixley. There is some nonsense about people in Bixley thinking their vote is taken for granted by the Conservatives as Labour take the forgotten ward of Gipping for granted.

The Holywells Rose starts with Elango Elavalakan thanking the people who voted for him.

Both leaflets have a piece about Labour police commissioner candidate, Jane ‘let em out and throw away the key’ Basham. Who was elected unopposed due to former Chief Inspector, Tim Beach stepping down. It is obvious that Jane Basham’s campaign is going to be all about stopping cuts that in reality do not exist.

Both leaflets also have a piece by Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere. Captain Mainwaring claims that they will protect front line services, invest in jobs for local people, build affordable homes, protect public transport and keep council tax as low as possible. What exactly he means by front line services we don’t know and how Labour are going to invest in jobs for local people either we don’t know because Ipswich labour are not exactly attracting business to the town. Also they are able to build affordable homes because of the policy of the coalition government. How Ipswich Labour can claim they will protect public transport when weekend and evening buses to East Ipswich were cut, we don’t know. Also, the only reason they can keep council tax low is through a grant from the coalition government and if they attempt to raise it, the people of Ipswich can call for a referendum on the matter.

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9 Responses to Ipswich Labour Junk Mail

  1. A Ross says:

    Tory Cllr Cenci admitted on twitter yesterday that there have been cuts to the Police – so who is telling the truth- you or her?
    We came second in Bixley, not third and the Tories saw a massive reduction in their majority.

    • Alasdair there has been no cuts to front line services and neither will there be. We wouldn’t need to make any cuts at all if your incompetant party hadn’t spent all the money and left us in debt.

  2. alasdairross says:

    You need to tell Tory Cllr Cenci -she stated that there have been cuts to the police and you failed to answer by other point- Bixley result? Wonder why?

  3. alasdairross says:

    You said in your post : ‘be all about stopping cuts that in reality do not exist.’

    Now you are saying : ‘The cuts are not effecting front line services.’

    So your telling us your original post was full of lies?

    Cllr Cenci said there are cuts to the police force, Labour came second to the Tories in Bixley – so the only true part of the post was to say that John Cook supports Norwich!

    Like most of your posts Kevin – inaccurate!

    • I have changed third to second. There are no cuts to front line services but Labour’s whole campaign will be based on cuts to front line services that do not exist.

  4. alasdairross says:

    But we do not always come second!- Maybe just delete the post as so inaccurate

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