The Return of Mainwarings Musings

We haven’t heard anything from Captain Mainwaring or Ipswich Labour since the middle of last month in either the Morning Ipswich Star or on Ipswich Labour’s website. A silence that would have got a reaction from Ipswich Labour controlled Ipswich Spy if it was the Ipswich Tory website not updated since the middle of last month. After this absence Soviet Socialist Republic of Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere returned yesterday with his Morning Ipswich Star column.

Captain Mainwaring talks about Ipswich Labour’s gerrymandering and social engineering plans starting with a mention of a recent meeting of the Politburo. Obviously Captain Mainwaring is trying to claim all the credit even though it is the coalition government who has made it possible for councils to build council houses. Labour never made it possible over the thirteen years they were in government because it wouldn’t have helped the section of the middle class in key marginals whose votes they coveted or the section of super rich that they sniffed around for party donations. The article has a picture of Jack Dromy on his way to the holiday cottage his super rich wife Harriet Harman inherited The picture also has the usual Ipswich Labour comrades who never miss a photo opportunity. David Ellesmere claims that house building has virtually ground to a halt due to the recession and cuts. How Captain Mainwaring believes cuts have affected the house building programme in this country is a mystery. As construction companies are private companies who do not exist through having the government spending money on them, the cuts made necessary by Labour ruining the economy would not be a major factor. The banks not lending to small businesses to show how powerful they are after Gordon Brown deregulated them would be though.

Captain Mainwaring also talks about his concerns about the Mandatory work Programme which is a revamped version of the New Deal Programme set up by the last Labour government. He finally resorts to the socialist politics of envy talking about the bosses of the top 100 companies in the country having average pay increases of around 12%. Of course in David Ellsemere’s socialist utopia everything would be owned by the state anyway so the bosses wouldn’t exist.

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1 Response to The Return of Mainwarings Musings

  1. Captian Mainwaring also says that Ipswich Borough Council no longer has the expertise to build council houses so needs to re-create the resources from scratch. Surely the Borough Council does NOT NEED expertise to build houses, instead they should engage the services of independent people wonderfully called Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers and even a incredible invention called Building Contractors. But Ipswich Labour obviously don’t want to do that as it would be supporting small to medium sized private businesses in Ipswich, and that would mean actually giving money to the private sector.

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