Riverside MIU

In July’s edition of the Ipswich flyer Ipswich politburo Secretary is on the Riverside Minor Injuries Unit band wagon.

David Ellesmere also puts the closure down to the governments NHS improvements. The Flyer even has the paragraph that he clearly does it in bold.

Tracy Dowling, director of strategic commissioning at NHS Suffolk said the proposals will make it easier for patients to know which service is right for their injury.

“It will also ensure that A&E has increased activity, putting it on a more secure financial footing,” she said

“Patients and staff will also have the backup of hospital support services should a condition become more serious. Opening the additional capacity just resulted in more attendances overall as the impact on A&E was small,” she added

One obvious advantage is that A&E has more than one x-ray machine, so if one breaks down as the Riverside Unit’s one used to do, there is back up already there so the patient doesn’t have to be redirected to A&E.

David Ellesmere mentions that Conservative County Councillor Alan Murray and Dan Poulter MP concern about it but doesn’t Mention Councillor Liz Harsant’s reaction to it here

Obviously Captain Mainwaring has spotted a chance for some more bogus political point scoring as was predicted on Ipswich Labour’s favourite blog.

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