Killed by the NHS

The cover story of the Daily Mail today is about an NHS Hospital Patient dying of thirst.

A young patient who died of dehydration at a leading teaching hospital phoned police from his bed because he was so thirsty and the officers were told by the nurses killers that he was in a confused state and were sent away. The 22 year old died of dehydration a few hours later.

Here are some quotes from the Daily Mail article.

Yesterday an inquest was told how Mr Gorny died after blunders and neglect by ‘lazy and careless’ medical staff at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London.

His mother Rita Cronin, a civil servant told Westminster Coroner’s Court that staff tutted at her and repeatedly refused to listen to her concerns that her son hadn’t been given vital medication.

This quote says it all

At one point he became so desperate and upset that staff sedated and restrained him – and on the night before his death, his mother said, he was not checked on by medical staff, despite being in a room on his own.

So he was crying out for water and instead of giving him water, they sedated him. Surely no one can be that incompetent. It’s as if they were trying to kill him.

Following his death, a nurse allegedly inquired whether the family, from Balham, South-West London, was ‘finished’ and asked a matron in front of them whether she could ‘bag him up’.

So following his death, a nurse killer allegedly inquired whether the family, from Balham, South-West London, was ‘finished’ and asked a matron higher ranked killer in front of them whether she could ‘bag him up’.

It’s as if she was saying “Now we’ve killed him, can I get rid of the evidence?”

In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2010, Miss Cronin said of the nurses who treated him: ‘They were lazy, careless and hadn’t bothered to check his charts and see his medication was essential. He was totally dependent on the nurses to help him and they totally betrayed him.’

Yesterday Miss Cronin told the inquest she received a distressed phone call from her son on May 27, 2009, in which he told her he’d called the police because he was so desperate for a drink. She then went to the hospital where she found him ‘confused and angry’, shouting at staff and behaving in an uncharacteristically abusive manner.

Despite this, one doctor asked if he was ‘coming off the booze’ and another asked if he was ‘always like this’. Miss Cronin said: ‘He sounded really, really distressed. He said “They won’t give me anything to drink”. ‘He also said “I’ve called the police. You better get here quickly: they’re all standing around the bed getting their stories straight”.’

How did some NHS nurses turn from angels into heartless killers? Under Tony Blair nursing went from being a vocational career to being a professional career and as professionals some nurses err health professionals whatever they are, believe providing water for people is below them. Hence as Gavin Maclure says here

Elderly people have been worst affected by nurses thinking that the basics like washing a patient, taking them to the toilet, giving them water and managing their pain are beneath them. This is a horrific scandal with the CQC reporting that at some hospitals, including Ipswich Hospital, the standard of nursing care was so bad it was actually illegal – although I haven’t seen anyone up in front of a judge yet!

The tragedy is that after killing a patient the NHS staff can’t be sacked because as Gavin also says here

Of course, being the blessed public sector, you can’t sack them for leaving an elderly man wallowing in his own faeces, which would be one way of improving nursing standards overnight. Hence why private sector health provision provides higher quality and greater efficiency than the NHS could ever manage, despite receiving billions each year from the taxpayer.

They are so useless they are killing patients. They should be sacked and tried for murder but Labour and Labour’s masters at UNISON will support them.

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3 Responses to Killed by the NHS

  1. Francesca says:

    yes, nurses have become a frightening presence in hospitals. Pugilistic, lazy and seriously challenged by the truth. Terrifying.

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  3. J paine says:

    Makes for depressing reading. But if the News is to be believed, many NHS trusts have major issues throughout the NHS. Seems to me we need more law enforcement involvement. Shipman and the Portsmouth hospital cases are prime examples. took far to long to get some handle and prevent further deaths.

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