Post One-Thousand

This post is the 1000th post on A Riverside View. A Riverside View has had 76,894 hits in its history so far and averages 100 hits a day. The busiest day was February 27, 2011 with 5,208 hits. Cue for Ipswich Spy to claim they get over 5000 hits a day every day.

The 1000th post on a Riverside View was posted from a computer in Ipswich Library which is part of a network that has had no closures due to the brilliant money saving policy of the Conservative lead Suffolk County Council.

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2 Responses to Post One-Thousand

  1. ipswichspy says:

    Congratulations on your 1000th Post.

    What, out of interest, caused the spike in your hits on February 27th 2011? Because having looked back, really can’t see what all the fuss was about!

    Our busiest day was this May 4th. We got a mere 1857 hits. We’ve taken a hit recently and are only averaging about 500 hits a day at the moment, so you’re catching up!

    Its great that you are doing so well, despite a lack of punctuation, spelling, courtesy or humour.

    Keep it up Kevin!

  2. Nothing in particular caused the spike February 27th 2011, it just happened out of the blue.

    It’s great that you’re doing well and that by your above comment, you are attempting to add humour to your bland, terse political comentary.

    Keep it up.

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