Odd Miliband’s New Sports Advisor

Ed Milliband has a new advisor. Tony Blair. This is fantastic news. Apparently Tony Blair is going to be Odd Miliband’s Sports advisor. Tonto gave a speech at the Labour Sports Dinner which can be read here.
He says

Today there’s a new generation under Ed’s leadership and a new team behind him.

But for me there have always been 3 reasons to be Labour.

We start with those at a disadvantage in life and work our way up.

They start with those at the top and hope any good trickles down

What absolute nonsense from the man who led the government that created an underclass with no prospects and left thousands of people trapped on benefit dependency. Labour’s policy was to keep as many people in the middle classes in key marginal’s happy as possible.

Now he is going to be Odd’s sports advisor. Let’s remember that it was Blair’s Labour government who allowed cricket to be taken off free view, making it elitist because they preferred football. Obviously they didn’t want cricket because we’re actually good at it and watching it could encourage aspiration, while we’re absolutely rubbish at football hence the amount of foreign players in the premiership.

Tony Blair knows as much about sport as he knows about bringing peace to the Middle East. After all, telling Israel they can keep their colonial outposts illegal settlements is supporting the biggest bone of contention the Palestinians have and demonstrates his uselessness.

Blair talked about an Olympic Legacy but never once mentioned the legacy him and his lousy party left us.

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2 Responses to Odd Miliband’s New Sports Advisor

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    Is his maths as good as the UN Special Envoy for Education? Three reasons to be Labour, followed by a list of two…

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