Red Ed’s Latest Genius

Today Odd Milliband demonstrated how he is the best Labour Leader ever. His speech to the Durham Miners’ Gala this weekend showed him to be the greatest since Neil Kinnock at least and what Baroness Warsi said was 100% true about him showing how left wing he is sucking up to his trade union masters.

Odd also showed brilliance in dealing with a fourteen year old boy. There’s a good report on it here

The boy asks Mr. Milliband, “Do you think you’re pandering to your union paymasters will be the downfall of the Labour Party?”

Quite a reasonable question, we thought. And certainly very encouraging coming from such a young chap. Sadly it seems Ed doesn’t want to engage with the concerned youth of Britain, and makes off.

The next question, to do with youth unemployment was also swiftly ignored.

Given that Milliband and his barmy army shadow front bench are always harping on about ‘being in touch’ and the important subject of youth unemployment, you’d think Labour press officers would be keen to nudge Milliband into at least a scripted answer on the issue. Although we know how that one turns out.

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