Just when you think you can’t hate G4S anymore another revelation comes

G4S are undoubtedly the most hated company in Britain. Not even the now defunct NTL was thought of with such contemptuous hatred.

Like NTL, G4S’s customer service is non-existent. NTL always believed that the customer was always wrong and should pay them money for services they were told they would get and not what customers actually got due to incompetence. G4S seem to operate by the same thinking. They still want to be paid for the services that they said they would provide but are not providing due to incompetance. This is enough for G4S to be despised as NTL was despised. The Olympic job has become like an NTL installation was. Shambolic with lots of cables lying about the house with things not working properly.

Then there is the outrageous recruitment of foreign nationals who are not vetted properly. Two G4S security guards who were due to protect footballers during the Olympic Games have been arrested on suspicion of being illegal immigrants. Story here So we have a company helping illegal immigrants. Apart from letting illegal immigrants take British peoples work at this time, because of the Olympics, London is a target for sex traffickers and by helping illegal immigrants G4S are helping the global slave trade. More concerning that here

Another area where G4S support illegal immigration is their guarding of Israel’s colonial outposts illegal settlements in the West bank. more here So G4S is supporting people living illegally both here in the UK and in Israeli occupied Palestine. The Electronic Intifada has a damning piece about G4S activities in Israel and Palestine here

Ipswich Spy has a letter of complaint to G4S here

I was promised work this summer by G4S only to have them take it away last minute leaving me unemployed, out of pocket, and helpless to do anything about it

I know I am not the only one.

I wonder if I could loath them anymore.

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2 Responses to Just when you think you can’t hate G4S anymore another revelation comes

  1. ipswichspy says:

    The more you hear about this company, the more you wonder why a Labour Government would give them so many contracts, including the Olympic contract…

    • Tony Blair’s government had an open door immigration policy so that foreign nationals could take jobs from the British working class and G4S uses foreign nationals. Tony Blair told Israel that they can keep their ilegal settlements and G4S guards them. Sounds like a marriage made in Heaven.

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