Mitt Romney’s Visit to Israel

Mitt Romney declared that “cultural differences” were the reason the Palestinian economy is not doing as well as Israel’s, without even acknowledging the Occupation. On top of that, he managed to get his facts completely wrong, claiming the Israeli GDP is twice that of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, when in fact it is actually about ten times as high.

Whatever happens in November the United States of Aipec will allow Israel to do what it wants claiming to be against colonial outpost illegal settlement building while allowing Netanyahu to do what he wants. Netanyahu is as committed to building colonial outposts illegal settlements as Ipswich Labour are committed to building housing on the site of Ransomes Sports Club.

Jewish Voice for peace have written an open letter of protest to Mitt Romney here.

I once thought that there couldn’t be a worse double act than the Lone Ranger and Tonto (Bush and Blair) but now the prospect of Mitt Romney and Ed Milliband together is frightening.

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2 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Visit to Israel

  1. ipswichspy says:

    Did you hear he wants to move the US Embassy to the “Israeli capital” Jerusalem? What an idiot. If the seat of Government is in Tel Aviv, so should foreign diplomats! Lets hope no British Government gets this stupid idea.

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