Sell Ipswich Buses

On the dRoss Blog here Aleksandr Orlov says

Cllr Alan Murray the Conservative County Cllr for Bixley then spoke about the bus service to Broke Hall, he thanked Ipswich Bus Company for stepping in with the new Number 4 round. Wonder what Cllr Carnall thought of this as if he had won the election two years ago we would have seen the Ipswich Bus Company sold off by now.

Actually the last administration was planning on selling a stake in Ipswich Buses to Go Ahead. Labour wrongly opposed this purely for ideological reasons and it would have been better for Ipswich buses and the Borough if the sale had gone ahead.

There are two reasons why Ipswich Buses should be sold. Firstly, in the event of Ipswich Buses being sold the Borough council would no longer have to waste council tax payer’s money propping up the bus company’s pension fund.

The second reason is the bus company’s ability to fight competition. The Morning Ipswich Star says here.

Bus wars formally began in the town yesterday as First Eastern Counties introduced its new services on the eastern side of the town.

And it showed off one of its newest vehicles on the town’s Cornhill as it tries to tempt passengers on to its new services along Foxhall Road.

The move means First Buses are going head to head with Ipswich Buses on services in the east of the town – the borough-owned company has stepped up the battle by increasing the number of services on routes in that part of town.

Both companies have also introduced new and promotional fares in an attempt to entice new passengers. The problem is, because First are a considerably bigger company it’s going to be a hard battle for Ipswich Buses to win. If the company was sold to Go Ahead it would have been in a good position to compete better.

Will Ipswich Labour see sense and look for a potential buyer for Ipswich buses?

If Ipswich Buses went under, what then?

The Pre clause four dinosaurs of Ipswich Labour are hell bent on putting the future of our local bus services in jeopardy purely for ideological reasons.

As far Ipswich Labour are concerned bus services and sports facilities are worth destroying in their scheme to make Ipswich more like North Korea.

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2 Responses to Sell Ipswich Buses

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  2. IB says:

    Anyone got any gossip or inside info on IB? A strike followed by MD and FD leaving… Ipswich Council have a tender out for a consultant regarding viability of Ipswich Buses and IB also changed their company articles. Either selling it off or council bailing them out? They are losing the P&R contract in 6 weeks too.

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