The Soviet Republic of Ipswich’s Ministry of Ridiculous Bureaucracy

Ipswich Spy has a good post here

Forwarded to Ipswich Spy, this Lighting Protocol is the most ridiculous flowchart this author has seen. It can only be a local authority procedural map. The Ministry of Ridiculous Bureaucracy must have been working overtime on this one.

A ten stage process has been designed, including a stage of consultation with stakeholders which must consider reports, statistics and suggestions in order to establish the times of concern.

Surely it isn’t necessary to go to this level of detail? Can’t someone at the Borough Council make a decision like this without consulting with every Tom, Dick & Harry? They seem to manage to evict sports clubs without any consultation, even taking decisions in secret meetings, but they aren’t able to turn on a light?

Ipswich Borough Council brought to you by David Ellesmere. What a farce.

You have to see the protocol to believe it.

How many Labour councillors does it take to change a light bulb?

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