Cart Wheeling Monstrosities

On Wednesday evening there was a meeting at Belstead Village Hall about plans to build wind turbines on land presently owned by Ipswich Borough council outside the Borough boundary. local Conservatives Cllr Nadia Cenci and Bob Hall attended. No Ipswich Labour councillors attended the meeting. Not even fanatical eco-warrior Sandy Martin was there. You could put it down to Ipswich Labour having no control over the meeting because it wasn’t organised by them for political point scoring as area committees are.

Wind turbines are an uneconomical way of fighting the non existent phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming. The only way to cut carbon emissions in the fight against the non existent phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming without risking future power cuts, is the nuclear option.

Ipswich Labour want to sell the land to a developer who would build the monstrosities after they have been shipped half way round the world to here. Maybe Ipswich Labour support it because it’s creating jobs for their socialist comrades in China where the turbines are made, due to lower production costs, due to the use of coal and oil in electricity production instead of uneconomical wind turbines.

Planning permission is in at present for two wind turbines. Of course once two have been erected they can go for planning permission for another two and then another two until cart wheeling wind turbines surround the borough.

It’s amazing that Ipswich Labour were so ardently against houses being built on borough owned land outside the borough but they support uneconomic monstrosities being erected on borough owned land outside the borough. They were so ardently against houses being built on Kiln Meadow and yet they want to sell off some land so the landscape can be blotted. Of course, the real reason they didn’t want houses on Kiln Meadow was because they couldn’t exploit the tenants at election time like they plan to exploit council tenants in Rushmere ward after they have built on Ransomes Sports Club. There is a self serving reason for everything they do.

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12 Responses to Cart Wheeling Monstrosities

  1. Glen Chisholm says:

    No labour councillors were their because we were attending a briefing session on how local authorities are going to be affected by changes to the NHS .also on the major transport changes happening in Ipswich.interestingly more lib dems turned up then Tories

    • Local authorities are not going to be affected by changes to the NHS. As for major transport changes happening in Ipswich, what’s been decided has been in the public domain for some time. So why attend a meeting?

      • Glen says:

        Kevin if you ask one of the two tory councillors who did turn up I`m sure they will explain what is happening.In brief Local authorites will be required to take over provision of some of the services that NHS used to provide .They are also required to set up a wellbeing committee which will include representatives from Ipswich Borough and Suffolk County councill.where as before a lot of services were under one banner in the past now they will be spread over several partnerships.

      • Think about it says:

        “Local authorities are not going to be affected by changes to the NHS.”

        100% wrong. Part of the NHS is actually becoming part of Suffolk County Council as of next year as the county council gets responsibility for a load of stuff the NHS used to do. Try to keep up.

      • I notice neither of you want to talk about the actual subject of the post.

  2. Glen Chisholm says:

    If you ask the two Tories that did attend i’m sure they will explain.but in brief some services that the NHS would of provided will now have to be provided by local authority’s . Local authorities will have to work together with partners to set up a well being committee.where as services were previously under one banner they will now be spread over various partners.

  3. Glen Chisholm says:

    When I first tried to reply it would not let me,so I tried again and it put both replies on ?

  4. ipswichspy says:

    On the subject of the post, did you not notice that the idea for wind turbines was first proposed by the Tory led administration at IBC? Another RSV factual error…

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  6. ipswichspy says:

    The turbines proposed for Thorington Barn were proposed by the Tory Lib Dem administration – FACT

    What, specifically, was wrong with Nicola’s story on Crown Pools? It has reopened, it did take 10 months, it did cost £3.5million. She mentioned Broomhill, she mentioned the 50m pool that Judy wanted to build on Portman Road. Where are the factual errors there?

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