Response to Rosehill Readers

On Wednesday the Suffolk Library Service was successfully divested with no libraries closing.

Even though what Ipswich Labour tried to scare everyone with did not happen Rose Hill Readers are continuing with yesterdays news with this post here insisting that all libraries are under threat.

The best bit is this bit

The County Council said that the IPS was a risky governance model. The risk was deemed worth taking because of the involvement of local communities. This is empty rhetoric as in many areas “Friends Groups” have not come forward.

The funny thing about that is the fact that Rosehill Readers are against ‘Friends Groups’ and want a single ‘Friends Group’ for all 44 libraries which is a centralised Soviet style bureaucracy. So when they actually talk about ‘Friends Groups’ not coming forward they are rather pleased about it and have been openly attempting to persuade people not to form ‘Friends Groups.’

The only thing that has ever been under threat concerning libraries is the socialist way of running them.

Ipswich Labour have done nothing to keep libraries open and they lied about them closing as they lied about the future of Ransomes Sports Club.

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