RSV Retracts

Earlier today I ran this story which I have since removed

Ipswich Spy has written a post here about a rumoured rift within the ranks of Ipswich Labour. I also had heard about this through a number of anonymous Emails all saying that Politburo General Secretary Captain Mainwaring, Politburo holder for Culture Dame Bryony and Politburo holder for Housing John Mowles were seen arguing furiously. I’ve been informed that they had a real stand off.

One of the most interesting theories concerning the stand off Emailed to me also concerns Ransomes Sports Club. The theory is that John Mowles wants to build housing on Ransomes Sports Club and the Dame and Captain Mainwaring are against it. The theory is that Dame Bryony Rudkin is against it because she believes it could be damaging to her as Politburo holder for culture and Captain Mainwaring is against it because he believes it could damage the chance of him becoming MP for Ipswich. This seems the most credible theory on the rift so far. If true it would be another instance of them all being only interested in themselves.

Captain Mainwaring denies having a row with anybody at the Mayor’s “At Home”. But as Ipswich Labour lied about Ransomes Sports Club why should we believe them?

To the initial post Ipswich Spy commented

We’re retracting as soon as I get in front of a computer (or sooner if one of the others does). This story is wrong. John Mowles wasn’t even there.

Seems our sources may be the same, as very similar information. Suggest you may wish to strike the article or retract and apologise to Mr Ellesmere, Ms Rudkin and Mr Mowles.

Also Ipswich Spy has sent me an Email starting with

We understand that this story is probably not true

I have reason to believe the anonymous Emails I received concerning this story also came from Ipswich Spy. I think they give dud stories to rival local bloggers from time to time to see if they would run the story. On realising that I wasn’t going to take their bait the urge to break the story got to much for them. Naturally they knew that I was likely to follow. The Spy’s sources are obviously unreliable as John Mowles wasn’t even at the meeting in question. Maybe Ipswich Spy should go back to writing bland posts about the location of Ben Gummer’s office or how often local websites have been updated than trying to write things that people may find interesting.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post I wrote earlier which is reprinted above. I’m still allowing people to read it. After all, Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story do they?

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6 Responses to RSV Retracts

  1. Think about it says:

    After all, Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story do they?

    Pot, kettle, black?

  2. ipswichspy says:

    Kevin, the idea that we would feed you stories is fatuous. We had two sources for our story, which we believed when we ran it. We asked David Ellesmere and he denied the argument, which we included in our original story. When Mr Ellesmere then informed us that Cllr John Mowles hadn’t even been there we went back to our sources, one of who confirmed they had heard the story from the other.

    This was an unfortunate rumour that turned out to be false. This isn’t the first time this has happened, recalling the story based around John Carnall last year. However we were confident in our sources this time and that shows that sometimes confidence is misplaced.

    Since we regarded this story as true until the information that Cllr Mowles hadn’t attended the Mayor’s At Home, we were hardly likely to give you a chance to scoop us were we. Don’t be so ridiculous. If you think this was all an attempt to make you look silly as a competitive blog, you should spend less time with the poppies, its getting you paranoid!

    • So why did you send me that crap about Labour’s plans for Chantry Residents assocition a while ago then? That was unfortuantely false too. I noticed that you didn’t publish anything to do with it. Was it pay back for me disputing your rumour about John Carnall?

  3. ipswichspy says:

    You mean

    Yeah, that story turned out to be completely false and we never wrote about it…

    • That’s the story but you sent me details of specific rent rises which were in fact inaccurate. You never published the specifics yourselves. That was the only other story I have published which wasn’t true.

  4. ipswichspy says:

    More crap Kevin? THe figures I sent you were from the secret council report. They weren’t inaccurate!

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