Comedy Gold from Suffolk Lib Dems

Today Ipswich Conservatives were coincidentally canvassing in the same area that Tim and Inga Lockington were delivering copies of Suffolk Voice. You will be pleased to know that a Conservative supporter donated the copy delivered to them to me so that now it can be a source of amusement to us all.

It’s not quite the splendid work of fiction this leaflet was but it’s a lot funnier.

The two things that are most noticeable about the publication are its face. It has lots of stuff saying how awful the County Tories are and then says how wonderful the tax cuts in the budget are. Naturally it falsely claims it’s all Nick Clegg’s doing. It also makes the claim that Nick Clegg is getting lots of young people in work. They are also claiming that pensions are going up because of them. What nonsense!

It claims that Lib Dem councillors Kathy Pollard and John Field are fighting against new pylons in South Suffolk. As Kathy Pollard has been off sick for ages she can’t be fighting very hard.

Also the Lib Dems want to bring back the eXplore Card. A completely pointless thing to do considering the county council plan to introduce a Suffolk Oyster Card for young people in its place.

The main headline is ‘Suffolk Tories announce Care Home Sell-Off’ Are they claiming that the care in Sue Ryder and BUPA care homes is not up to standard? It’s ludicrous.

The publication also makes the factious claim that Ipswich is losing vast quantities of money because of the closure of the Bury Road Park and Ride and Mid Suffolk is now cut off from the County Town due to the closure. It also claims that Bury Road Park and Ride was closed for ideological reasons. Have you heard a claim more ridiculous than that apart from Ipswich Labour’s claim that they want Ransomes Sports Club to grow and thrive recently? Neither have I.

The back of the publication is full of waffle about the EUSSR. It claims that lots of EUSSR money is being spent here but doesn’t mention how much money we give to the EUSSR in the first place.

They are also very excited about Croatia joining the totalitarian federalist project. But it doesn’t mention the possible effects of Croatian’s immigrating here, taking jobs and putting even more pressure on schools the NHS etc.

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3 Responses to Comedy Gold from Suffolk Lib Dems

  1. ipswichspy says:

    Have you uploaded the leaflet to the ElectionLeaflets website?

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