16 so far 65.8 million to go.

Each Olympic Gold medal contains approx. 6g of gold.
Gordon Brown sold aprox. 395 tonnes of gold when he was Chancellor.
To win all this gold back again, Team GB needs to win another 65.8 million gold medals.

We’ll be less able to do this if we lose facilities like Ransomes Sports Club due to building houses on them.

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3 Responses to 16 so far 65.8 million to go.

  1. ipswichspy says:

    22 Gold now Kevin. Brilliant idea of Labour’s Tony Blair to bid for the games, and without Sir John Major we wouldn’t have the money to build it or the funding for the athletes to win those golds; all down to the National Lottery.

    Nobody is building houses on Ransomes Sports and Social Club. Even if there had been some secret plot, it certainly isn’t going to happen now.

    • Of course if Labour didn’t have such a lousy education policy there might not have been such a disproportianate amount of Public School educated medal winners.

    • Stephen says:

      I’m sure we don’t expect TRV to keep updating the title. Blair also won the 2005 World Athletics Championships for London – which didn’t turn out so well.

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