Campaign for a military London Olympics 2012 medal

After the fiasco created by G4S our military have done brilliantly in providing Olympic security. Some of us believe that they should be rewarded hence this petition

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8 Responses to Campaign for a military London Olympics 2012 medal

  1. alasdairross says:

    You have written some rubbish on here but this may take the biscuit.

    The military have done a fantastic job at the Olympics – but a medal? If you serve in Afghanistan and serve less than 30 days (injured or even killed) you do not get a medal – so a medal for 14 days guarding the Olympics.

    Of course you forget to mention the security firm that failed si the same firm that certain Tory PCC candidates want to use to replace the police in certain jobs,

    I met some of my former Rifleman at the Olympic Stadium this week, chatted and got them all a beer, that and the way the public are treating them is all they ask for – also impressed by the likes of Bradley Wiggins and David Beckham taking time out to meet them.

    They do not want a medal but what they would like is to know that the Tory Government is not going to make them redundant. The Tories made the treatment of the military an election issue, but once elected they have let the military, their families and the veterans (including me) down.

    Giving them a medal for helping at the Olympics will not repair the damage to military morale caused by the way the Tories have treated the Armed Forces.

  2. alasdairross says:

    So you have failed to answer any of my comments –

  3. alasdairross says:

    Where did I say Labour are all loving of the military? You do not understand thew military or the way they feel they have been betrayed by the Tories – serve in Afghanistan, guard the Olympics then made redundant

    • It was Labour who sent the military to Iraq without the proper equipment. It was Labour who cut defence spending while planning an illegal invasion. Labour treated the military just like they treat the working class – as a resource to be exploited and used for their own selfish means. It was Labour who made cuts necessary but they are to self righteous to admit it.

  4. alasdairross says:

    The Tories supported the invasion of Iraq
    Thatchers ent soldoers to the Falklands with equipment from the early 60’s.

    Fact – I went to the Falklands under the Tories- other than my beret and trousers, I had to buy all my own clothing to survive the harsh conditions.

    Fact – neither Government has looked after the armed Forces well – but only the Tories made an election issue of it – then let us down.

    Leaving Afghanistan – with no exit policy
    Made soldiers redundant
    Disbnaded regiments
    Got involved in Libya
    Asked the soldiers to guard the Olympics

    At least Labour are now trying to get former members of the armed Forces to be MP’s – so that they do understand our soldiers needs.

    • Not all Tories fell for Blair’s lies and supported the invasion of Iraq. The Falklands war was ligitimate. Iraq was illegal.

      No exit policy to leave Iraq and no policy on securing Iraq’s borders after invasion
      MOD cuts made necessary by Labour
      We protected civilians and the world is better without Gaddaffi.
      Labour gave the Olympic security contract to G4S

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