Stop the Traffik

Stop the Traffik here have written a very good post called ‘Let’s put them out of business’ I don’t think a lot of the video but the post as a whole is very good.

We need to encourage a global community response that matches and eventually overpowers the international network of traffickers. The more communities that are equipped to recognise and respond to human trafficking, the more difficult it will be for traffickers to operate. One way of achieving this is using the STOP THE TRAFFIK website to report suspected incidences of trafficking and share community intelligence; disrupting traffickers and therefore making the trafficking industry less appealing to those wanting to make money.

This is to much of a serious issue for the barmy liberal left to take seriously. They’d rather concentrate on something pointless like Gay Marriage than the scourge of slavery in our time. This government should be openly acting against the global trade in people.

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