Len McCluskey’s Contempt for Democracy

There is a lot of tension within Unite. Some members believe that the union is to big and are asking good questions like “How can the union support such a diverse group of people from bus Drivers to Bankers?”

But the thing that has caused the most tension is the fact that Len McClusky’s called for unions to consider disrupting London Olympics The Communist McClusky doesn’t understand that the working class in this country are very patriotic and their allegiance is to this country and not North Korea. Union members are very angry about Len McClusky’s anti- British suggestion.

One rep was so angry about the call for unions to consider disrupting London Olympics that she phoned Len McClusky’s office. She explained who she was and asked to speak to Len McClusky. She was then informed that Len McClusky doesn’t speak to Unite members.

Isn’t that typical? To Mr McClusky the workers are just there to use against the Tories and to further his socialist agenda. He’s not interested in their opinions and has such contempt for them he won’t even speak to them. Their views are totally opposite to his but as far as he’s concerned they should put up, pay their subs, do what they’re told and vote Labour who use the working class as a vote bank while screwing them.

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