Response to Comrade Coates

Unlike Nadia Cenci I haven’t been mentioned in the Guardian yet but I have been misquoted by Ipswich Barmy, Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates here.

Come to Sunshine Ipswich and Sleep in Gutters Says Top-Suffolk Tory.

Kevin Alger, prominent Ipswich Tory and failed candidate for the Gipping Ward, has a novel suggestion for how to solve the nation’s housing problems.

“Come to Ipswich and sleep in doorways and alleys.”

Or as he puts it,

“have a camping holiday in the town.”

Kevin, who spends much of his time speaking in tongues and charming snakes at the ‘Holey Roller’ Pentecostal Church, at the top of the London Road, is obviously onto something.

Or not.

What I actually said can be found in the comments on Comrade Coate’s blog here What I said was “ The increase in people sleeping rough in Ipswich does not necessarily mean there is an increase in homelessness. When the weather turns nice some people decide to have a camping holiday in the town.”

The phrase ‘camping holiday in the town’ was first used by me here where I said “PC Alcock also informed us of an increase in people sleeping rough. Not because homelessness has increased but because in the summer some people decide to have ‘a camping holiday in the town’” This got no reaction at the time from the Barmy Bolshevik yet when I said it recently the mad Marxist responded with a surreal and deranged blog post.

What’s a ‘Holey Roller’? Maybe he means ‘Holy Roller’ Why he claims I go to the Pentecostal Church, at the top of the London Road, is a mystery. He obviously doesn’t know that a late pastor of the Church’s son was a Labour candidate in the last council elections.

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2 Responses to Response to Comrade Coates

  1. Glen says:

    It is ironic that you seem so deeply offended by me pointing out you writing this post which you say is in response to yourself being misquoted.When you have blatantly misquoted myself and my labour colleagues on many even had a whole post that was based on incorrect facts and infomation(I know its difficult to pick one that isn`t made up of incorrect facts and infomation)and when this was exposed you refused to apologise or retract it.Also I have never heard the “camping holiday in the town” phrase used in the context you refer to,I was speaking to friend who is a police officer who had also never heard it used in this context.I can see from the link to your previous post that you have used it before and the background but its not a term in common use and you can see how it can be misinterpreted.

    • Glen, there was absolutely no way my comment on Coates’ blog could be misinterpreted. But in much the same way as Ipswich Labour does, (how the term ‘vanity project’ was used by Ipswich Labour is a good example) Comrade Coates likes to misquote people for the purpose of charachter assasination.

      On Twitter you claimed that I said what Coatesy claims I said. Now you’re commenting on here pretendiong to be innocent. But as you’re Labour such dirty tricks should be expected.

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