David Ellesmere’s Selective Amnesia

In his Morning Ipswich Star Column this week The Soviet Republic of Ipswich’s Politburo General Secretary attempts to explain why he believes the state should be running everything at the expense of private enterprise. He starts by talking about the fiasco of G4S at the Olympics but he doesn’t mention which party hired G4S for the Olympics when they were last in government. As a matter of fact when David Ellesmere writes in the MorningIpswich Star he seems to suffer from selective amnesia and the 13 years his party spent in government wrecking this country he has no recollection of.

The Ipswich Politburo General Secretary seems to be claiming that certain Tory Ministers on seeing the G4S fiasco have some how become born again Socialists through the experience. He doesn’t mention that it was Labour who recruited G4S as the event occurred during the years he has forgotten due to selective amnesia.

David Ellesmere then talks about NHS privatisation. Unfortunately due to his selective amnesia he has no recollection of the Blair years when the Labour government of the day set up PPI’s. Because of the last Labour government, the people of Ipswich have an Accident and Emergency building 100% owned by a private company. The contract for the Garrett Anderson Centre is now costing Ipswich hospital £3.2million a year. But it appears that due to selective amnesia, Captain Mainwaring has no recollection of the contract being formalised.

Councillor Ellesmere then launches an attack on John Major for privatising British Rail. It’s strange how he doesn’t remember John Major setting up the National Lottery, funding from which has enabled Team GB to finish 3rd in the medals table.

He then talks about selling off playing fields but strangely won’t tell us what Ipswich Labour’s plans for Ransomes Sports Club are.

He finishes off talking about shops having to stock super size school uniforms but due to his selective amnesia can’t recall the last Labour government allowing child obesity to become so prevalent in Britain in the first place.

Due to selective amnesia, Captain Mainwaring is in a world where the Soviet Union is still together, the Berlin Wall never came down, Clause Four is an important aspect to base all political, policy on and John Major was replaced by David Cameron.

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