Lib-Dems: Populist, damaging, deceitful

Roger Helmer has an interesting post here. where he says

Vince pretends to believe that you can increase government revenues, and promote recovery, by taxing the rich (despite the fact that the rich already pay a vastly disproportionate amount of tax). But Vince is — or was — an economist. He knows about the Laffer Curve. He knows that after a certain point, higher tax rates mean lower revenues. He knows, or ought to know, that in dozens of countries over decades, it’s been demonstrated that lower tax rates, counter-intuitively, increase revenues.

So (unless Vince is more ignorant than I take him to be), then he’s being (A) populist; (B) damaging and counter-productive; (C) deliberately deceitful. A typical Lib-Dem, then.

I couldn’t have said it better.

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