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In yesterdays Morning Ipswich Star, the Michael Foot of Ipswich, Politburo General Secretary of the Soviet Republic of Ipswich, representative for Gipping Rian, supporter of pensions apartheid and man of many hats David Ellesmere talked about the recent Beacon Ipswich conference. As always Captain Mainwaring was claiming credit for what other people have done. He makes it sound like the Labour Council got Sir Stuart Rose to the conference when it was in fact Ben Gummer he also talks about Waitrose and John Lewis coming to Ipswich. Of course he doesn’t mention that due to Ipswich Labours archaic, class based ideology, they would rather John Lewis didn’t come to Ipswich because it was used by middle class people like themselves. He claims that they have brought the management of the market back in house to improve it when the reality is that because of their pre clause four scrapping ideology, they believe everything should be run by the state.

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