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Kevin Algar has posted the Stop Ipswich Turbines Leaflet on his site.  It was designed by Peter Evans, a former comrade of mine from the Port Noise campaign.  A phenomenal campaigner, I would not bet against him.

They also have a decent local site.

Windfarms will need to have equivalent gas fired capacity due to their inherient unreliability.  Why on earth we as a country seem to betting the farm on wind turbines and other temperamental sources of energy is beyond me .  Well not really, its another daffy directive from the Europeans.  Thanks Brussels.

Their campaign meeting is Sunday September 30th at 3PM at the Pinewood Community Hall.

UPDATE: Ipswich Spy has just published a piece pointing out that Sandy Martin, that disciple of libertarian socialism (and square circles no doubt), has come down firmly against local consultation.

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