Insults aimed at Ipswich Tories by Ipswich Labour on Twitter

Ipswich Spy mentions here that the author of the dRoss Blog took to twitter after last nights full council meeting. What the Spy blog doesn’t tell you is that Alasdair has such contempt for the local democratic political process, that he spends council meetings tweeting.

As a matter of fact there were some tweets by Alasdair and his comrade alias Ipswich Labour during the council meeting that were absolutely despicable.

Alasdair Ross tweeted this

Alasdair Ross ‏@AlasdairRoss
Ipswich Tory councillor thinks it costs £7 to get to town on a bus!

Now it may seem trivial a Labour councillor tweeting at a full council meeting, but can you imagine the furore from Ipswich Labour if Ben Gummer or Dan Poulter started tweeting in the House of Commons? The problem is, Ipswich Labour are so arrogant they think they can do what they like and be contemptuous towards local democracy at any time.

Alasdair’s tweet got some replies from Ipswich Labour and Surrey based socialist lunatic Shakey Stevens.

Ipswich Labour tweeted

Ipswich Labour ?@IpswichLabour
@AlasdairRoss Would this be the crystal ball gazing Tory councillor for Stoke Park by any chance?


@IpswichLabour @AlasdairRoss The same one who called a 20something struggling to pay her mortgage ignorant of the real world?

It’s just not worth answering is it?

Then Shakey said this

@ShakeyStephens I’m just guessing at the moment. There’s more than one out of touch Tory in Ipswich!

Obviously the full Council meeting wasn’t of much interest to Councillor Ross who obviously found insulting people on Twitter more important when he tweeted this

@AlasdairRoss surely not ben gummer?

Then Ipswich Labour tweeted this

Ipswich Labour ?@IpswichLabour
@ShakeyStephens My mistake, it was Cliff Lane butcher and scourge of environmetal health inspectors, George Debman.

It’s just not worth answering is it?

I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.
:- Margaret Thatcher

Labour haven’t a single political argument left. No wonder Ipswich Labour blocked me on Twitter. All they can do is insult hard working councillors and use malicious slurs. Such is their level of debate. It really is quite pathetic.

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3 Responses to Insults aimed at Ipswich Tories by Ipswich Labour on Twitter

  1. Stephen says:

    Councillors should be asked to leave a meeting if they are caught tweeting – just like sending a text, making or dealing with a call – because it shows that they are not concentrating on issues that may affect their ward residents.

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