Does the calibre of many councillors often leave something to be desired?

Here.Ipswich spy has a different take on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Communes article on what Ben Gummer is alleged to have said at the Conservative party Conference here than I do.

Mr Gummer described his own local authority, Labour-run Ipswich Borough Council, as all too often “getting in people’s way” and “frustrating ambition.”

I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

“The calibre of many councillors often leaves something to be desired,” he said.

I don’t think he means any councillors ruling the Soviet Republic of Ipswich does he?

He doesn’t mean people like Politburo General Secretary Captain Mainwaring does he? The person who said that it was a good idea to move the market until a couple of market traders complained to his trade union masters? The person who claims credit for what the last administration did while claiming the mess his administration is making is because of the Tories?

Ben Gummer doesn’t mean Deputy Politburo General Secretary Neil Macdonald who is also Politburo Holder for a Safer Ipswich, who along with Politburo Holder for Transport Phil Smart doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of the dangerous menace of pot holes in roads through out the Borough does he?

Ben Gummer couldn’t possible mean Politburo Holder for Culture Dame Bryony could he? I mean the fact that our parks and verges are covered in ragwort which is highly poisonous to animals doesn’t mean her calibre leaves something to be desired does it?

Ben Gummer couldn’t possibly mean The Westgate Waffler who is Politburo Holder Against Economic Development and planning. After all she was against Tesco building a store in Ipswich creating jobs. She has done absolutely nothing about the road works situation around Eagle Street, When a Chinese delegation came to Ipswich with a view to opening business opportunities here she did not attend the meeting and when County Councillor responsible for transportGuy McGregor has invited her to meetings to discuss infrastructure in regard to the Northern Fringe she has turned down the invitation.

Our MP couldn’t possibly mean eco warrior and Politburo Holder for a Fairer and Greener Ipswich Sandy Martin. After all the borough recycling scheme is such that a lot of Ipswich residents have no rubbish to put in their blue bin apart from Labour leaflets. Also when it comes to wheelie bins some parts of Ipswich are plagued by them occupying the pavements.

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