Lies to cover up lies

The author of the dRoss Blog has been talking a lot of squit on his blog and particularly on twitter, in regard to the proposed wind turbine development outside the borough boundary in South West Ipswich. Some may be rightly wondering why a development affecting South West Ipswich is of such interest to a borough Councillor for a ward in the north east of the borough.

The reason Alasdair seems so interested in the erection of 400 foot cart wheeling monstrosities near Belstead Village is very simple. He is making the untrue claim that the Conservatives agreed to the development when they didn’t and is lying about it to cover up the fact that he lied along with the rest of Ipswich Labour in regard to their plans to evict Ransomes Sports Club.

Last May Ipswich Labour produced a leaflet which was delivered in Rushmere Ward claiming that they wanted the sports club to thrive and there was no plan to evict. Alasdair got Ipswich Labour’s supporters in Lower Orwell Street to have a letter by him in their publication two days before polling day denying that Ipswich Labour had any plan to evict. As they have evicted the sports club since we know for a fact that Ipswich Labour are a bunch of liars.

Being a socialist, Councillor Ross hasn’t got a mind of his own, therefore everything he writes online has been dictated to him by the rulers of Ipswich Labour. So we know that Ipswich Labour lied about Ransomes Sports club and now they are lying about Conservative Policy on wind Turbines to cover up the original lie they used to win Rushmere Ward last May.

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4 Responses to Lies to cover up lies

  1. Stephen says:

    Fair comment. Labour councillors do not live near Belstead Village and will not be affected by this plan – no wonder they are so busy washing their hands of it.

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