Ellesmere’s Latest Nonsense

Canvassing in Jasmine Close

I actually stopped reading the Morning Ipswich Star but I bought a copy of the left wing publication yesterday. In yesterday’s Morning Ipswich Star is the weekly Comrade Camel Column where David Ellesmere claims that 1000 jobs are under threat in Ipswich. Ipswich Spy shows what nonsense it is here. where the loathed one says

Yet even Mr Ellesmere’s article struggles to get to the 1,000 job figure. Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust are looking to shed 177 posts in Suffolk. SERCO are looking to shed 137 posts. And the Royal Mail are considering closing the sorting office in Ipswich, with 230 posts at risk there. That adds up to 544 posts, a long way from 1,000.

At the end of the article David Ellesmere has a cheek to have a go at Ben Gummer. Maybe David Ellesmere should have had a go at himself for not supporting heart services at Ipswich hospital and leaving it to Ben Gummer to successfully keep them there.

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1 Response to Ellesmere’s Latest Nonsense

  1. Stephen says:

    What an incongruous image – it does go well with Ellesmere’s dodgy arithmetic, though.

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