Labour’s Rope Walk Campaign

Alasdair Ross has a post here calling for people to support Ipswich Labour’s campaign to reopen Rope Walk to motor vehicles. He says

It’s time for the Tory-run Suffolk County council to admit they were wrong to shut Rope Walk to inbound traffic and end the farce of traffic jams along St Helen’s Street.
We surveyed residents in the past on the last Tory bright idea to make St Helen’s Street one way. We want to hear what North East Ipswich residents think so we can let the County Council know.

As reported by Ipswich spy here, this has been attacked by Pedestrian Liberation here who point out

Curiously, in their leaflet they suggest that opening Rope Walk to motorised traffic again would ‘reduce rat-running through Kings Avenue, Oxford Road and Milner Street‘ and would end ‘the farce of traffic jams on St Helen’s Street‘ (which is the main arterial road into town).

However… back in 2009 the Borough Council explained that Rope Walk was being closed to motorised trafic in order to ‘significantly improve pedestrian and cycle access along Rope Walk, and to reduce rat running in Rope Walk and the surrounding roads‘

Ipswich Labour also want to know residents views in regard to reopening Rope Walk. This is also interesting because they couldn’t care less about what the views of South West Ipswich residents on Wind Turbines are.

The last option listed is the only sensible one.

Leave things as they are so that Rope Walk is only open for cyclists and cars using the car parks in Rope Walk.

As has been pointed out by Pedestrian Liberation, Rope Walk was closed to motor vehicles to stop it being used as a rat run. Now with Rope Walk closed to motor vehicles anyone with a brain can work out that traffic coming down Grove Lane is using Kings Avenue and Oxford Road as rat runs to avoid stopping at the lights. This problem can be easily solved by blocking the end of Rope Walk off to motor vehicles entirely.

Another thing that Ipswich Labour hasn’t thought about is the question of where the traffic would go once it’s got in to the reopened rat run of Rope Walk.

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1 Response to Labour’s Rope Walk Campaign

  1. Kev, I can’t reply on your blog because the Suffolk Tory Internet system doesn’t let me do this.

    I will however say that this is a completely stupid idea that strikes against the oppressed working and non-working masses of King’s Avenue, St Helen’s Street, Grange Road, Spring Road, Grove Lane and Oxford Road.

    The children being taken to school along this road will be particularly affected by this foul blow by international motor capitalism and its Ipswich imperialist lackies in the so-called ‘Labour’ Party.

    We await the first accident.

    You can quote me on that.

    I realise my relations with the person who originally dreamt up this crackpot notion will not prosper…

    (Copied from Tendance Coatesy)

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