David Ellesmere’s Final Star Colunm of 2012

Maritime Ipswich In today’s Star David Ellesmere gives a his version of this years events. Where he mentions as many bandwagons that he jumped on over the last year as possible. He first talks about this years top events briefly mentions the Queens Diamond Jubilee and mentions a few events that happened in Ipswich insinuating that they happened because of the Labour Council.

Yuk!Mr Ellesmere then talks about scandals. He talks about the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune tying themselves in knots over Jimmy Saville and the polices behaviour over Hillsborough. Strangely he doesn’t mention the scandal of police officers lying to frame a Tory cabinet minister. Though before it came out about the fact that the police officers lied he wrote quite a lot about it in his column. Of course, as it was Labour who corrupted and politicised the police force, he can’t really comment.

He then proceeds to bash the banks and blames the government for not reforming them.

Mr Balls praised Barclays bank for ‘changing the face of banking’ at the ceremony in Leeds City Centre in 2009.

Ed Balls praised Barclays bank for ‘changing the face of banking’ at the ceremony in Leeds City Centre in 2009.

With classic selective amnesia, he strangely doesn’t mention that it was a Labour government who deregulated them so they were able to create mayhem in the first place.

Next David talks about the NHS he claims that the governments reforms are to blame for things that started happening before any reforms were implicated. He mentions the closure of the Riverside Minor Injuries Unit and claims waiting times at A&E have risen as a result. As a significant number of people who went to the MIU were referred up to A&E anyway, I don’t see how that could be.

Finally he demonstrated that Labour are absolutely clueless when it comes to economics because talking down the economy doesn’t encourage growth. His selective amnesia does not allow him to mention that the economy is messed up because Labour spent all the money and left us with massive deficit and debt. He finishes by boring us with the Tories are only for the rich cliché. He naturally says nothing about the lowest earners being taken out of tax altogether and talks about benefit cuts pretending that his party are for the most vulnerable in society after it made them vulnerable in the first place. He finally says that he will try and keep his column varied and interesting next year. As this year he has spent considerable time using his column to spout what the Labour Party High command is saying, one must presume it is his New Years resolution.

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